Sizzlers Menu

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Veg Club Sizzler

Corn Cheese Balls in Cheesy Pumpkin Sauce

Chinese Sizzler in Garlic Sauce

Veg Classic Sizzler

Yanki Special Sizzler

Tofu Steak in Pepper Sauce

Spicy Paneer Mushroom Platter

Grilled Zuccuni in Lemon Chilli Sauce

Veg Dumpling Lemon Chilli & Kerry Chilly Sauce

Veg Sausages Sizzler

Crunchy Paneer in Chilli Tomato Sauce

Yanki Special Paneer Babycorn Platter

Veg Combo Platter

Paneer Shaslik

Mexican in Chilli Bellpeper Sauce

We’ve the widest variety of Sizzlers in Ahmedabad with two locations serving different options. Above items are favorites for many of our guests. For a complete Sizzlers menu, please visit any of our store at HL College, Navrangpura or S.G. Highway.